Getting Reorganized

February 4, 2017. I need to reorganize and renovate these pages at some point. Since last entry I've done a lot of research on Kensico which should be added to the Map Department.

Website Renovations

November 29, 2015. New color scheme! I've been spending the weekend renovating my webpages. The Boringville Clock Tower section is gone. I need to make some updates and improvements to the Map Department.

Another Busy Weekend

November 7, 2015. I like browsing through Google Books when I have free time. There are articles on the seriousness of being funny and animals photographing themselves, which, when taken out of context, could possibly be fodder for Xydexx_ebooks. It's a kinda cloudy rainy day today. I've been busy working from home for a part of the day, and we're leaving shortly to go to a friend's house for a party. We need to leave shortly to pick up cake and balloons, plus Rigel needs to mail off a package. So many things to do. Another busy weekend for Xydexx.

Minecraft Villages

I've started a new Minecraft village, detailed here. I found two villages a short distance away from each other, so I have been spending a little time upgrading and improving them. The one to the south I've assigned street addresses to, because something I like to do in Minecraft is constantly build and tear down and rebuild buildings, and I like to keep track of how the village evolves over time. There's also a different set of buildings in the second village, and different types of villagers. I'm also getting ready to send out a new batch of mail art.

Have A Potato

This entry has nothing to do with potatoes, actually. I found a lot of cool Mail Art blogs to follow on Tumblr, though, and that reminds me that I need to finish working on the mail art postcards I am almost ready to send out. I have a few new people to add to my mailing list since last time. I also have some drawings and artwork I need to finish for Equivamp and Melody Sairento. Definitely a busy weekend for me. I'm going to have to make a list of things I need to do to keep organized. Heh.

The More You Get Out, The Better It Gets

I found this on Tumblr. I have no idea what this is all about, but I like it.

The more you get out, the better it gets.
The more you get out, the better it gets.

Coming Soon: Xydexx_ebooks

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the internet: Xydexx_ebooks is coming! The Department of Cute and Weird has announced the upcoming production of these new titles from Xydexx_ebooks:

  • What's the Big Eye Deer? Chuck Moldsqunch loves nature and is so excited to explore the woods near the abandoned nuclear power plant. He learned about radiation and mutations in science class, and now he has an opportunity to experience exciting new flora and fauna firsthand. In his excitement to get started, he leaves his maps and compass at home. Oh no! Now it's getting dark and Chuck is lost, alone in the woods. Will Chuck get devoured by the big-eyed deer? (Yes, of course he will.) A delightful children's bedtime horror story about the wonders of nature and how it can eat your head.
  • Gerble Gobbles Flocks of sheep have always mystified us through the ages. In 1870, Hortense Gerbles and Henry Gobbles perhaps unwisely constructed a sheep set in the U.S. Government Printing Offices. It was like a swing set, but made entirely out of sheep. It was so fluffy. When sheep became entangled in the printing machinery it led to the first government shutdown. This historical information details the sheep set through the ages, from its initial invention to modern-day addiction of too much sheep dip. Complete with illustrations and charts about sheep. A must-read for the ardent sheep enthusiast or chronic insomnia sufferer.
  • Liberace and the Fine Art of Fursuiting We all know fursuits are awesome and everyone wants one, but did you know that Liberace was a fursuiter? His elaborate and ostentatious sequin- and spangle-studded animal costumes were only viewed by his closest friends. These recently-discovered rare-photographs of his dazzling collection will amaze you. All the experts we could find agreed conclusively these are most definitely not just pictures of fursuiters with Liberace's head Photoshopped onto them, or pictures of Liberace with kittykat ears drawn on in MS Paint. After all, if you read it on the internet, it must be true. Would the internet lie to you? Really?
  • Seven Habits of Highly Squeakable Unicorns Everyone's favorite overly-optimistic inflatable unicorn Xydexx Squeakypony shares advice for living a positive life by staying squeaky. Years of experience has taught him seven habits for staying positive and finding the sheer joy of living no matter what bad stuff gets thrown his way. Despite once getting into trouble for Unnecessary Smiling, Xydexx persists in being Xydexx—the friendly, loveable, cheerful inflatable unicorn that continues to inspire furries everywhere every day. Includes the complete wit and wisdom of Xydexx Squeakypony, some of his more humorous postings to alt.fan.furry. This edition includes a Xydexx paper doll you can dress up for fun.
  • Weaponized Barfcat Can projectile vomiting cats be weaponized? Donald Trump seems to think so, and he wants to test them without the animal-rights activists getting in the way. Tootles, an 800-pound barfcat in an underground bunker somewhere in Minnesota, has been fed a diet of Donald Trump's hair for more than a decade. Now it's up to Michael Cramble to expose the conspiracy before time runs out for everyone. Bing bing, bang bang, barf barf. This action-packed political thriller has it all. Will the world end in cat barf? It just might, if Donald Trump wins the presidency. And that's just terrible.

Be Good, Have Fun, and Fill Your World With Awesome!

Xydexx's beliefs can be summed up as: Be Good, Have Fun, and Fill Your World With Awesome. Sometimes that means getting creative and sending mail art. That'll be posted here, maybe.

Looking through his old journal archives, Xydexx discovered this wonderfully-illustrated cover of Beeton's Book of Household Management from Google Books. This, he thought, has the the potential to be become mail art source material! It is available as a free e-book for download!

The Book of Household Management by Isabella Mary Beeton, 1863.

Beeton's Household Management - xydexx.com
Some other things deserve to be mail art.

Be Good; Have Fun

Xydexx says life is too short. Discover the power of mooing at people, or perhaps become a sea serpent trashing a railroad bridge. Rar!

hotspur magazine - xydexx.com
Some things deserve to be mail art.

Cows Hate This! Learn How to Moo at People Using this One Weird Trick!

Greetings, curious internet traveller! It's super happy internet story time, with Xydexx Squeakypony!

Once upon a time, Xydexx mooed at a cow. In fact, Xydexx has mooed at many cows. Try it, it's fun. You can moo at cows all day and all night and live happily ever after. The end.

Xydexx believes in mooing on the internet.
Xydexx believes in mooing on the internet.

Horse Noses

Many people believe that Xydexx worships yaks naked by candlelight. The truth is, Xydexx worships horse noses. Horse noses are awesome, and Xydexx is all about spreading awesome around the internet. So here, as a public service, we present a horse nose for your internet viewing pleasure.

Xydexx says horsey noses are the best.
Xydexx says horsey noses are the best.

Clearly, horse noses help improve Furry fandom by increasing the amount of awesome in it. Everyone should have one. They are soft and snuggleable.

Xydexx rides his weirdo bike around the countryside looking for horse noses. Usually one is attached to a horse. (If it isn't, then something is very wrong. Find another.) Nothing makes a day more awesome than getting nuzzles from a horse, because horses are the best of all the animals.

Internet Prawn

Xydexx has been known to draw naughty things and not show them to anyone. This is known as pn0y pr0n, and it's what the internet is for.

The internet is also for prawns. Prawns are lots of fun. Here's something fun to do with prawns: Put one in your mouth because you go for your annual dental exam. Then when the dental hygenist asks you to open your mouth, hilarity ensues! It works every time!

Xydexx says the internet is for prawn.
Xydexx says the internet is for prawn.

Wait, no... that's a terrible idea actually. Forget I suggested it.

The internet is not only for internet prawns, but for horse conch. I was visiting an aquarium once, and there was a horse conch on display. "Let me show you my horse conch!" I yelled, before being led out by Security. Fun times.

Sometimes there are leafy sea dragons at aquariums, which are just a whole other level of awesome.

Would you like to see my horse conch?
Would you like to see my horse conch?

Xydexx Squeakypony

Xydexx Squeakypony is an inflatable lavender unicorn who is building a bridge to the land of fucking awesome.

Xydexx's Wonder Wheel, full of abandoned buildings and furry fandom. -- XYDEXX.INFO
Xydexx's Wonder Wheel, full of abandoned buildings and furry fandom.

Here's a closer look at some of my interests:

  • abandoned buildings – Anyone who's anyone who knows about me knows about my obsession with abandoned buildings and urban exploration. Sometimes (in West Virginia) we even get shot at over it!
  • bannerman's castleBannerman's Castle is an abandoned weapons arsenal that sits on an island in the middle of the Hudson River. I used to explore the place every summer for about a decade.
  • breakneck mountainBreakneck Mountain is near Bannerman's Castle, on the border of Putnam and Dutchess County. I used to go hiking here frequently when I lived in New York.
  • c&o canal – The C&O Canal is a 184-mile canal that runs along the Potomac River from Cumberland, MD to Washington DC. It was abandoned in 1928. I hope to ride the entire length of it someday.
  • furry convention – Yay, furries! Furry conventions feature artwork, writing, costuming, and workshops, about anthropomorphic animals. I am Publications Director for the Anthrocon, the world's largest Furry convention.
  • furry fandom – Yay, furries again! Furry fandom is a hobby which focuses on cartoon animals. (Most people don't know what big words like "anthropomorphic" mean, so "cartoon animals" is probably a better frame of reference.)
  • modern ruins – This ties in with my obsession with abandoned buildings. Phillip Buehler's webpage of modern ruins photography was one of the first ones I found, so it's the term I use on my own page.
  • oatmeal raisin – I've been doing a lot of baking lately, so this references Xydexx's Nomnomnommy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies recipe posted elsewhere.